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       TRX Domestic Hot Water System Components
System Diagram Collectors Valve Assembly System Controller Water Tanks

DHW System schematic diagram


1. heat collector ( evacuated tube or flat plate ) 2. thermal couple 3.air vent  . 4.  heater water to taps 5. thermal control mixing valve .6. returning hot fluid in closed loop. 7. Check Valve. 8. Hose Bibs for Filling and Flushing 9. Expansion Tank 10. Air Scoop & Air Vent 11. Circulating Pump 12. Pressure Relief Valve 13. Pressure Gauge 14. supply water to collector 15. Heat Exchange Coil 6. Solar Hot Water Tank 18. Solar Controller








Evacuated tube type

       Size 1070x1974mm


     Flat Plate Type Collector

Size : 1m x 2m , 4ft x 8 ft , 4 ft x 10 ft


Valve Assembly


Circulation pump , pressure relief valve , bleed valves , filling valve and pressure gauge .    


System controller


TRX868C3E Solar Heating Controller

Installation Manual

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Controller box


One/two circulating pumps , book shelf type heat exchanger , system controller , metallic casing .





Stainless steel water tanks


Capacity :  100 / 200 / 300 L

Build-in one or two coil type  heat exchanger , adaptor plate for supplementary electric heater installation, ceramic lined internal tank . Pressure tested .


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