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   TRX  Thermosyphon Type Solar Water Heater   with evacuated tubes



Refilling of water tank




Flat Roof Installation



  • Fully integrated thermosyphon type polar water heater complete with polyurethane foam insulated stainless steel water tank and adjustable aluminum alloy mounting for flat roof and sloping roof installation
  • Well tempered Boron Silicate glass evacuated tube type solar heat collection and well insulated storage tank ensures full weather all seasons hot water supply
  • Simple to install and operate , with almost no maintenance required . No power supply problem .
  • Rugged constructions and special coating technology allows min 15 years of free hot water service
  • Operable in temperate regions with winter temperature to below -30 deg C . Excellent insulation ensures no freezing  problem in tubes . Works well in snowy conditions .
  • Basic unit works on manual filling of water . Automatic filling or control system are optional ,
  • Standby electrical heater can be added .
  • Perfect for small family or cottage use


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Adjustable mounting for sloping roof installation



with 58 mm Φ1800 mm length tube , water tank size  470 mm outer diameter .

  TRX-1800-16  TRX-1800-18  TRX-1800-20 TRX-1800x-24
Collector Surface(m2) 2.1 2.43 2.86 3.33
Size of water * tank ( Liter ) 160 180 200 240
No of Tubes 16 18 20 24
Hot water production (Liter/day )  140-280 180-360 200-400 240-480
No of household 3-5 3-5 4-5 5-6
Water            temperature C         ** 60-97
TRX Tube used Length of Tube :1800 mm ,  Outer diameter Φ58 mm
Suitability All seasons to -30 deg C
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  Refilling of Tank

Refilling of water tank can be carried out at any time .  The TRX high strength glass tubes are well tempered to handle thermal shock due to the difference of water temperature during refilling , even it is done at the heat of the day.

The TRX basic system can be converted to fully automatic control system with a 3rd party controller , or with a simple adjustable pressure-tank ( see the left diagram ) to have auto stop function during refilling .



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