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   Huayu PU Foam Technology and Production Facilities
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Huayu's advantage



Proprietary CFC-Free  PU compounding technology

High pressure in-line compound feeding system


Two key reasons behind Huayu's quality of products

1.  PU compounding and foam forming technology Huayu is the leading  R&D company in CFC-free polyurethane compounding and foam formation technologies .  This In-House proprietary technology ensures the quality of the finished foam boards to have
  • excellent uniformity in insulating property in production run   
  • excellent adhesion with foams and various facing materials
  • excellent dimensional stability ,
  • less brittleness etc  ,

    All these are the common problems associated with the conversion from the older Freon based PU compound to CFC-free PU compound .

2.  Production facilities :  Huayu’s continuous composite board production line is fully automated with excellent quality control and process improvement features . The production line was imported from Europe and is the only line in China using such sophisticated system . Several advanced production improvement technologies are used ,  like the

  • high pressure in-line compound mixing system to ensure uniformity in foam size  ,
  • comb-sprayer system  to ensure uniform density of foam throughout  ,
  • double roll precision conveyor press system to ensure uniform thickness etc .

The finished composite boards are comparable in quality with products from any advanced factory in the world and are  superior to other China made equivalents  .                   Go Top


Comb type compound sprayer


Double roll precision press


Fully automated Continuous production system


Complete foam testing system for QA/QC

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