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         Duct Fabrication using PU/AL Composite Board
Fabrication  10 Steps to finished duct      




Basic instructions

With basic custom made hand tools , an experienced worker can produce 20 to 30 M2 of finished ductwork per day at the installation site , from simple rectangular duct to complex rounded edge tees or bends , 4 to 10 times faster that of conventional sheet metal ductwork.

Custom made cutting tool with blade setting at 45 deg is used to produce V-groves on the composite board . Adhesive is applied at the joints and the boards are folded 90 deg to form a leak-proof insulated ducting .

Rounded bends can be made with bending press to form a smooth flowing junctions .

Sections of duct are joined together using low profile plastic flanges to form continuous leak-proof ducting system .

Common industrial grade moisture cure urethane adhesives are fully compatible with PU foam and thus provide strong and long lasting joints .

10 simple steps to make complete air duct from standard PU/AL Boards



Hand tools 

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  Cut to size  

Fine cutting

  Bent to shape   Apply adhesive
  Assemble with adhesive   Sealed with adhesive tapes externally             

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  Sealed with adhesive internally   Add Flanges , sealed with adhesive
  Assembly   Finished ducting

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