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   Co-Chance Sun Tracker System

Sun Cruiser Tracking System               Tracking the sun's locations precisely within 1 and moves the energy harvesting equipment in sync with the Sun with lowest energy consumption.


        Special features

  • Capable of tracking sun movement effectively for maximum collection of solar energy.

  • Comparison tests between solar panel using Sun Cruiser and fixed installation system show the electricity output is increased by over 45%

  • Suitable of working in all weather and harsh environment conditions (windy, stormy, snowy, dust storm etc.)   

  • State of art Solar Azimuth Angle Detector and Controller

  • Extremely low power consumption < 5W

  • Designed to work interference-free from strong light source during the overcast days. (flair signal, flash light, strong neon light on high buildings , lightning etc.)

  • Designed to "catch-up" sun location during "no sun" period.

  • Programmed to go into full sleep mode at night to save energy

  • Programmed to extend the exposure time in the summer during sunset period to maximize solar energy collection

  • Programmed to return to East facing starting position after each day of tracking.






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