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  The Race for NEW ENERGY is on 

The total primary energy supply required to run our world in 2030 is expected to be 23 trillion watts , up from the current 15 trillion watts . With the fossil fuel reserve depleting day by day ,  other alternative energy source has to be found fast to fill in the void .

The pollution free energy from our SUN should be one of the most significant and free source of alternative energy available . Every year 120,000 trillion watts of sun energy reaches the earth surface . If less than 1% of earth landed surface is covered with energy harvesting device with just 10% conversion efficiency ,   like solar power cells and heat collectors for  thermal electric generation and  water heating , the energy harvested will be more than sufficient to meet the total energy need   .


Porta Energy , a company dedicated to bringing latest technologies and products in renewable and conservation of energy ,  is proud to represent the following industry leaders.


Solar energy

 Hot Water / Electricity Generation




Save over 40% of energy bill on water and space heating.

High performance Evacuated tubes / Flat Plate Collectors , Solar water heating system for domestic and commercial water and radiant floor heating   , thermal electric power generation .

Solar Tracking System  

Co -Chance

Solar tracking system to increase the solar energy harvestation  by 45% , with lowest energy consumption  .

Polyurethane Rigid Foam Products



Energy saving PU ducting material for easier installation , longer service  life , lower maintenance cost and saving on overall  project cost.

Polyurethane Rigid Foam Compounds ( Polyol + MDI ) , PU/Al Composite Ducting Boards  , PU Insulated pipe and fittings.

Solar Electric Panels




High power 5 watts to 270 watts panels to meet customer's needs . OEM contract production service available.

PEX Tubes/ Fittings



PEX compound and manufacturer of PEX tubing . Water purification .